Saturday, 19 December 2015

Zoladex or Ovaries removed???

If you had the choice, what would you choose, zoladex injections or surgery to have your ovaries removed??

What a difficult decision. I've done both, so here is my view and if I could go back what my decision would be.

So, we know that both procedures will put us into menopause. I don't think the symptoms of menopause are any worse for either option. I was having zoladex injections for 2 years. That is, every 4 weeks an injection in my tummy, yes it hurts a little depending on the person injecting it. I had my injections at the cancer centre at the hospital, so each time I had the injection it was a different nurse.
I wasn't given the option of surgery to remove my ovaries, not until I had a recurrence in September. I had my ovaries removed in October, 2015. Whilst I had a few complications, I think that was the best decision for me. I feel healthier than I have for some time. Yes, I still get the menopause symptoms and there is not much I can do about that. One very important detail I learned from my gyno was that you should only be on zoladex for 6 months at a time because of the damage it can do to your body, particularly your bones, zoladex can cause osteoperosis. Something I wasn't aware of. I am yet to have any bone scans or checks on my bones to see if there is any permanent damage but yes I suffered from bone pain with zoladex and I continue to get some pain now.

So, if you are given the choice, think hard, if you are definitely finished having children maybe the surgery is the way to go for you, but if you are wanting children then perhaps you should have zoladex injections, because that is not a permanent procedure.